Welcome to Toku Token,

world’s first dog-created cryptocurrency.

Carefully observing the humans, Toku realized that all human intervention results in human error. Shy, caring and rambunctious: Toku aspires to release us from our own financial failures with the world’s first decentralized currency launched by a dog.

About Us


To truly understand why Toku is already revolutionizing the meme space, giving birth to a completely unique and original trend, we must return to where it all began and better understand the relationship between Felix and Toku. We all know what happens to trend-setting meme coins in the crypto space like Doge, Shiba, Floki, etc… the question being: what sets them apart from the rest?

Quite literally launched by Toku’s paw, his owner (a software engineer, dog-shelter volunteer and assumed crypto enthusiast named Felix) turned the blog of him and his girlfriend fostering then adopting a shy dog into a memecoin that’s already revolutionizing the space by changing how we think. Launched (and shortly after renounced) purely to make fun of the currently failing financial system, Toku Token doesn’t just have a unique inception and original narrative. Toku and Felix have, in a matter of mere days, rallied together more talented minds, crypto whales and social media attention than either could have ever imagined or hoped for, providing them with the legs needed to go the distance.

Following Felix and Toku’s movements, a number of whales quickly realized the potential for a longterm trending meme where the coin is not launched about the dog but the dog itself: launches the coin. Quickly gaining traction among enthusiasts and investors from all corners of the cryptosphere, much like myself, most have been drawn to the community-driven and decentralized nature of the project coupled with its hilariously unique concept.

Felix is a software engineer who spends most of his time working at his computer and volunteering at shelters. Felix has promised (in good faith) to continue writing the blog for as long as he and Toku are able, giving the project massive long-term potential and memery, appealing to those seeking more than just the opportunity for a quick flip.

All great projects come from humble beginnings. All great projects come from a clear vision, unique concept and combined effort. This is what makes Toku so very attractive. Whale or not, the appeal is here.

Carefully observing humanity, Toku became more and more intrigued with all forms of human interaction. Staring out the window, watching from the apartment balcony and closely observing as Felix tirelessly surfed the web: Toku began quietly formulating a vision.

Building confidence, Toku one day confided in Felix. Informing him of his ability to write complex solidity code and speaking ambitiously of his upcoming project to save mankind, the vision of one became two. Shortly after launch, help began pouring in from every direction and the vision of two became three and so on and so on until the project snowballed into a community-driven and decentralized meme with a shared vision.

Our vision is simple: using the meme token that is Toku we shall inform the world in its sorry and failed state that we can and must: trust a memecoin launched by a dog more than the complex operations and instruments of traditional financial institutions.



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1,000,000,000,000 TOKU


It’s too early to provide any detailed specifics on the roadmap just yet. But no coin has ever been launched by a non-human entity before in all of crypto-history and it’s highly unlikely that this many talented people have been pooled in one place, at one time, since the inception of BTC.

Whatever roadmap is to be found here before long shall be the result of our combined efforts to uplift and promote this project as a community. Keeping innovation and memery in mind, the possibilities are endless and the future to come: is ours for the shaping.

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Toku’s owner Felix was and is extremely passionate about dogs and animal shelters and has throughout his blog posts touched on several times the importance and supporting these sorts of facilities. Following in his footsteps and honoring in his wishes you can find below two links to donate to animal shelters in his part of the world where he feels they need it most. Felix has asked of us nothing other than that we include a donations link here on the website so that those seeking to give back have the opportunity to do so.

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Build With Us

The number of talented and motivated individuals arriving at our doorstep is doubling by the minute. We invite anyone and everyone eager to help build to join us so we can turn this promise-filled project into something iconic and lasting. We therefore proudly introduce: Evil Leaf Labs.